The efficacy of gokshuradi churna in the management of male infertility


  • Pradnya Subhash Jamdhade/Gurde pradnya


Gokshuradichurna, male infertility, oligospermia sperm count, motility, morphology.


 In this fast running world, I come across lots of patients, couples having Infertility due to different causes like oligospermia, decreased mobility of sperms, a defective morphology of sperm, high PH of semen and personal history like tobacco chewing, karrah chewing, hot, spicy and fast food like habits. I select this topic because drug and patients are easily available. Reference: (BhaishajyaRatnavali). Method:- Randomly selected patients kept on single group on Gokshuradichurna. Gokshuradichurna 3 gm. BD with milk for 3 months. Discussion And Observation:- After treatment sperm count increase in 60% patients above 60 million and 25% patients above 45 million/ml. After treatment rapid motility showing from 9% to 52% patients and immotile sperms 66% to 10% patients. There is a classical improvement in defective morphology to normal morphology in head, neck and tail defects after treatment. In high PH of semen non-motile and immotile sperms are maximum after treatment in normal PH rapid mobility of sperm is the increase. Result and Conclusion Present research work can be concluded that the Gokshuradichurna is highly effective in Male Infertility.


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