“ Clinical effect of babbul phal churna in the management of shwetpradar.”


  • Pradnya Subhash Jamdhade/Gurde pradnya
  • Subhash B. Jamdhade


Babbul, Babbul phal, Shwetpradar Sthambhak, Kashay rasa


                Shwetpradar is a major illness in the female in our society in India due to population and poverty. Maximum patients are suffering from this disease. Female above 35 yrs. are commonly suffering from Shwetpradar. I select this topic because drug and patients are easily available and easy to diagnose clinically.

Reference:- Nighantu Ratnakar

Method:-     Randomly selected patients of shwetpradar kept on the single group on Babbul phal churna 3gm BD with water for one month.

Observation and Discussion: -After  treatment Babbul phal churna is highly effective in the chronic duration of the patient of shwetpradar because Babbul phal churna is Kashay rasatmak and stambhak that’s why it is having good results.

Result and Conclusion :- Babbul phal churna is effective in Shwet pradar.


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Author Biography

Subhash B. Jamdhade

Associate Professor, Kayachikitsa Dept. D.M.M.Ayurved Mahavidhalaya, Yavatmal-445001


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