Anti-cancerous properties & utility of Sandpushpa (Catharanthusroseus)


  • Pradnya Subhash Jamdhade/Gurde pradnya


Cancer, Catharanthusroseus, metastasis, Sandpushpa


In this fast running world lots of patients who has having different types of malignancies due to different causes like tobacco chewing, kharrah chewing, pesticides covering food, radiation, some chemical toxic food.

            Cancer is a fatal disease. Cancer should be called symptom rather than disease. It indicates the abnormal, uncontrolled and rapid growth of cells. Because of this, cancer cell are malignant in nature. Cancer cell differ from normal biological cells mainly in two ways as long as the host alive, cancer cell are also alive and rapidly multiply themselves to from a new cancer cells. They do not die until host dies. But in case of ordinary cells, after cycle they decay automatically. Cancer cell can undergo ‘metastasis.’ The term metastasis means transfer of cancer cells from one organ of the body to another not directly connected with it. All malignant cells are capable of metastasizing which mean forming new loci in distant part of the body from original position. The role of cancer medicine is undoubtedly remarkable owing to the increasing scope and complexity of cytotoxic Drugs. In this connection, a large number of them have been used with success. Catharantusroseus (Sandpushpa) is one of the most important anticancer plants which are the most potent remedy against a particular type of cancer even today. So far, the only higher plant which is used as a source of patented anti cancerous drug is Catharanthusroseus.


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