Effect of Garbhapalras in pregnancy - A review.


  • Pragati Koparkar
  • Rajiv Mundane
  • Umesh N. Patil


Garbhapalras, Rasayan, Pregnancy, Lactation


Background:  Ayurveda, the oldest widely practiced existing medical system, recognized by World Health organization. Obstetric care in Ayurveda is a unique feature. Great maestros of Ayurveda described in detail about pregnant women and its care. During this nine month long journey, pregnant women may suffer from some minor ailments which are specific to pregnant state. Garbhapalras a drug mentioned in the text of 17thcentury namely “Raschandanshu” has such properties and is being used since then. It has occupied a respectable place in Ayurveda for preventing miscarriage and ensures better nourishment to fetus.  Aim& objectives: To assess the effect of Garbhapalras in Garbhini, and to study review of literature through ayurvedic texts.

Materials &methods: All information has been collected from various ayurvedic texts, research journals &articles. Result &conclusion: According to all available literature Garbhapalras is effective in pregnant women to manage minor ailments and miscarriages which are specific to pregnant state.


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Author Biographies

Rajiv Mundane

Principal, Professor and HOD, Rognidan Avum Vikriti Vignyan Dept. DMM Ayurved Mahavidyalaya Yavatmal 445001., Maharashtra, India

Umesh N. Patil

Associate Professor and Guide, Rognidan Avum Vikriti Vignyan Dept., DMM Ayurved Mahavidyalaya Yavatmal 445001., Maharashtra, India


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