A literary study of purvarupa (prodromal features ) w. s. r. to prameha vyadhi purvarupa.

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Archana R. Gharge
Rajiv Mundane


In Ayurvedic science, diagnosis of the disease is done with help of Nidan Panchakaaa. In five-fold examination, Purvarupa is one of the component parts of Nidan Panchaka. Purvarupa means Prodromal features of diseases. Any disease does not appear suddenly. Time taken between etiological factors intake to the appearance of specific disease is of Purvarupa. They are premonitory features that manifest before the actual emergence of disease. These symptoms could be doshik or adoshik. Purvarupa are of two types, general and specific. Careful understanding of Purvarupa helps in the differential diagnosis of diseases. Purvarupa also helps to  determine the prognosis of any disease. The appearance of all Purvarupa of any disease is considered a bad prognosis because it means the disease is incurable. At Purvarupa stage, treatment modalities for any disease are simpler or easier. So the knowledge of Purvarupa is essential. In samhitas the Purvarupa (Prodromal features )of Prameha vyadhi is described very well. As the  Prameha vyadhi is asadhya in its chronic stage as well as it may cause many serious complications if it is not treated and controlled in the early stage, it is very important to know the disease in very primary stage.This is possible by detecting the prameha Purvarupas in patient earlier. So that we can diagnose this stage and can prevent developing it further in vyaktavastha. So in this review study, an attempt is made to elaborate on the importance of Purvarupas and to compile the Purvarupas of Prameha from all ayurvedic samhitas.


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Archana R. Gharge, & Rajiv Mundane. (2021). A literary study of purvarupa (prodromal features ) w. s. r. to prameha vyadhi purvarupa. Ayurline: International Journal of Research in Indian Medicine, 5(04). https://doi.org/10.52482/ayurline.v5i04.590
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