A review on Charakokta Shonitasthapaka mahakashaya: Ayurvedic as well as modern view.
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Shonitasthapaka gana, blood, pitta dosha, Raktashodhana, Raktastambhaka.

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K. Jadhav, G., m. kurde, P. ., kulkarni, D., & s. patil, shilpa. (2021). A review on Charakokta Shonitasthapaka mahakashaya: Ayurvedic as well as modern view. Ayurline: International Journal of Research in Indian Medicine, 5(03). https://doi.org/10.52482/ayurline.v5i03.526


Blood being one among the seven tissues has its significant role in regulating the function of all vital organs and giving life to individuals. Without proper quantity and quality of blood, the body cannot remain healthy. The fourth chapter of Charaka samhita ie related to fifty various groups. In each group, 10 herbs are included having common action. Shonita sthapaka mahakashaya is pronounced for action related to restoring the normalcy of blood. Shonita sthapaka mahakashaya is very specific and only mahakashaya in which only 5 medicines of herbal origin, one metallic compound, one jantav dravya and two byproducts and Mrutkapala. Shonitasthapakaa gana included actions like Raktashodhana [haemostatic], Raktastambhana [ blood coagulation], Raktavilayaka [blood thinning], Raktavardhanaa [ haemopoitic]. Rakta and pitta dosha are the same in nature, so Rakta is mainly vitiated by pitta dosha. Thus, dravyas included in Shonitasthapaka gana have pittashamak properties. So, according to different conditions of Raktavikara [disorders related to blood], we can categorize Shonitasthapaka dravyas in treatment.

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